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Bounty provides investment management of individual, trust, and retirement portfolios for individuals, families, and not-for-profits. Portfolios are separately managed with individual stocks & bonds and may include other instruments including exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds. We will work with your other advisors, for example, your accountant and lawyer, to provide comprehensive financial advice.

Our staff is a team of seasoned professionals with experience in many market cycles. While managing portfolios, we:

  • Minimize taxes and costs by investing long-term without frequent trading
  • Utilize our own proprietary research to construct individually tailored portfolios
  • Do not receive fees from any other sources
  • As an investment counselor, our fiduciary responsibility is first and foremost to the client

Core Equity
Core Equity Portfolios aim to be fully invested in equities. Using our in-house research, portfolios are invested in sectors and securities that we feel are relatively undervalued. Our goal is to earn above average returns while preserving a client’s purchasing power.

Balanced portfolios include a mix of equities and fixed income. For fixed income we invest in high quality government and corporate securities depending on your individual situation. Our goal is to provide for above average returns while emphasizing capital preservation.

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