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About Bounty Management
Bounty Management Corporation is a a Boston-based boutique investment manager that provides personalized, professional management of investment portfolios. Since 1971, Bounty has successfully managed assets for individuals, families, retirement plans, churches, non-profit organizations, and corporations. Bounty’s primary objectives for clients are long-term capital appreciation and preservation of purchasing power.

Bounty’s team of professionals has experience managing investments through many different market cycles. Using our in-house research capabilities, we construct and manage each portfolio. We strive to provide the highest personal service while spending the time to understand each investor’s unique circumstances.

History of the HMS Bounty

The name of our company, Bounty, is derived from the famous ship HMS Bounty commanded by William Bligh in the late 1780’s. Although the voyage is remembered for the mutiny near Tahiti and the movie “Mutiny on the Bounty,” an even more remarkable journey began after Bligh and 18 of his crew were set adrift by the mutineers in a launch that was 23 feet long, 6 feet 9 inches wide and 2 feet 9 inches deep. The men had only five days worth of supplies and no charts. Remarkably, Bligh lead his crew for forty-eight days without loss of life over 3,618 miles of unmapped waters from Tahiti to Timor, Indonesia. Few feats of seamanship surpass Bligh’s navigation.

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